Y: The Last Man Being Developed as Series for FX

image courtesy of Vertigocomics.com

THR reported today that after many failed attempts, Bryan K. Vaughan’s acclaimed and beloved comic series Y: The Last Man is being developed as a series for FX.  The project is still very much in its infancy, but news of a development deal is definitely a good sign to those who had all but given up hope of a Y film or series.  The show will be developed by Vaughan, Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson, and now the trio must set out to find a writer to pen the series alongside Vaughan as well as a director -or directors.  Y: The Last Man is the story of Yorick, the only male left on earth after a mysterious event kills all other beings possessing a Y chromosome. Many readers of the series -this writer included- always thought the books would work better as a series than the oft-proposed trilogy of films.  Here’s to hoping we see Yorick, Ampersand and 355 on the small screen by 2017.


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