Scott Baio Just Handed Donald Trump the Presidency

Ending months of speculation, the former Happy Days/ Charles in Charge star threw his support behind the Donald, essentially ending the race ten months early.  

It’s all over.  Thus spake Chachi, and as his words traveled through the digisphere gaining steam, the world began to realize that a Trump presidency was pretty much a fait accompli at this point.  His Charles in Charge delegates are sure to put Trump over the 1,237 threshold needed to secure the GOP nom.  And his Happy Days/ Joanie Loves Chachi delegates  will bring Trump Ohio and Pennsylvania in the general election.  Compound these with Aaron Carter’s endorsement, which will deliver Florida, and Wayne Newton’s support which all but locks up Nevada, and this thing seems destined to be a blow-out.

Keep in mind, I haven’t even mentioned the monumental impact of the Stephen Baldwin, Kid RockTed Nugent and Tom Brady endorsements.  All of these pro-Trump declarations are sure to bring with them millions and millions of votes.  But the golden goose, as it has been in every election for the last few centuries, is the Baio endorsement.  And now that Trump has it, now that he has tamed the notoriously untamable, the oval office is his for the taking.

With so many heavy-hitters joining the Trump camp, Hillary’s only shot is to get Danny Bonaduce.  The only true Baio-neutralyzer is D-Bon.  But his conservative past, and his reluctance to throw himself in the fray makes this a hail Mary to end all hail Mary’s.

It’s time to call it; Baio has spoken.


by Jesse Mechanic

Jesse Mechanic is the Editor-in-chief of The Overgrown

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