The White House Says ESPN Host Jemele Hill Should Be Fired (For Telling The Truth)

In case you missed it, ESPN host Jemele Hill was reprimanded by her employer for a series of Tweets aimed at President Trump.

It all started with a Tweet about Kid Rock:

Then, after a litany of responses, Hill turned her attention to Trump:

Hard to disagree with that.

Entirely factual.

He did surround himself with white supremacists.

True story.

Indeed he did, and does.

While there is really no way of proving this last one, it’s really tough to imagine a person of color asceding through calamity like Trump did.


After a bit of a Twitter uproar, ESPN, instead of simply ignoring the rather insignificant fracas, decided to issue an apology on Hill’s behalf and state that they had addressed the issue with her directly:

ESPN’s statement drew more attention to the Tweets and gave the story legs.  It eventually reached the White House.

Yesterday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders used the most powerful press platform on the planet to say that she believes what Jemele Hill said constitutes a “fireable offense.”  The White House, headed by the most serial, offensive Tweeter known to man, wants a sports reporter fired for unleashing some unkind tweets in his direction.

The fragility of this man’s ego truly known no bounds.

(Now, it’s worth noting that this is not a free speech issue.  If ESPN, a private company, chooses to fire Hill because they do not want their brand associated with her statements that is their right, and it has absolutely nothing to with the the U.S. Constitution.)

Certain conservatives are comparing this ordeal to the firing of former ESPN contributor Curt Schilling.  As Business Insider pointed out, Schilling was warned numerous times by ESPN and suspended before he was eventually let go. And the content of Schilling’s Tweets and FB posts aren’t comparable to Hill’s.

Schilling compared Muslims to Nazis, for which he was suspended.

After returning, he said Hillary Clinton should be “buried under a jail somewhere.”

And he capped it all of by sharing a brazenly transphobic meme in response to North Carolina’s “Bathroom Bill.”

Comparing Hill to Schilling is a false equivalency, or a false equivalency has never existed.

And, despite evidence to the contrary, the truth does still exist, and decency and the motivation behind one’s words matter in how those words are perceived—or at least they should.  Hill’s Tweets are a response to a pattern of behavior that continues to perpetuate long-standing practices of repressive, white domination.

She’s right.

If you look at the rhetoric of white nationalists and white supremacists who support Trump, and you contrast the theses therein with any of a number of campaign speeches Trump gave, you’ll notice a vast array of similarities.  His entire campaign was the most unsubtle dog whistle of all-time. If you look at the records of the people he’s hired: Bannon, Miller, Gorka and Flynn most notably, you’ll realize they are dressed up white supremacists who are skilled at unfurling coded language.

Bottom line: The White House wants Jemele Hill fired for telling the truth.



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