What the Hell Is Jim Gilmore Doing?

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The Republican candidate received a grand total of 12 votes in Iowa and his poll numbers are so low most news organizations have forgot he’s still in the race.  And yet, onward he moves with New Hampshire in his sights.

Have no idea who Jim Gilmore is?  Don’t feel bad, most people don’t and they are all the better for it.  Those of us who spent time leaning about the man can never get that time back.  Jim Gilmore was the Attorney General of Virginia in the mid 90’s and the Governor of Virginia from 1998-2002.  He ran for president in 2008 and raised under 400k total during his campaign and lost a senate run the following year.   His 2016 presidential run has yielded even less impressive fund raising numbers, as his grand total is currently: $298, 901.  To put that in perspective, Jeb Bush’s current fund raising total is: $135 million.

While it’s not all about the money, (it mostly is) Gilmore has also failed to ever reach the lofty goal of 1% in any poll.

And now Gilmore is bragging about outlasting other candidates.  Candidates who, it must be said, had consistently polled exponentially higher than Gilmore.

Jim Gilmore is #stillstanding.

Jim Gilmore is #stillstanding despite receiving a total of 12 votes in Iowa while the selection, “others” received 119.  Jim Gilmore is #stillstanding after being soundly defeated by a ghost candidate that does not possess a corporeal form.

Jim Gilmore is #stillstanding even though he is polling so low in New Hampshire that he is no longer included on the Real Clear Politics poll.  And keep in mind that this poll does include: Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, Scott Walker and Rick Perry, all of whom have dropped out of the race.  Jim Gilmore is #stillstanding even though he is somehow below candidates that are no longer candidates.

Jim Gilmore is #stillstanding and no one knows why.

Someone needs to inform former Governor Gilmore that there comes a point in which running a presidential campaign is a futile endeavor that only serves to tarnish one’s public image.  Wait a minute, that’s it!  Jim Gilmore doesn’t have a public image for which to tarnish.

He is no one.

He is Jaqen H’ghar.

A man’s reputation cannot be destroyed if a man has no reputation upon which destruction can latch.

But really, what the hell is he doing? While a candidate can occasionally benefit from staying in a race a bit longer than logical in order to raise one’s profile and garner higher speaking fees and whatnot, nobody knows about or ever sees Jim Gilmore.  This is not helping him raise his profile in any way.  This whole campaign, for months upon months, is only serving to paint Gilmore as a rather delusional figure.  Over 180,000 people voted in the Iowa which means Gilmore’s 12 yielded .007% of the vote.  Rand Paul received 8,481 votes and saw the writing on the wall and dropped out.  As did Rick Santorum with 1,783 votes.

In the face of logic, common sense and astuteness,  Jim Gilmore is #stillstanding.

Jim Gilmore was never really standing, but he’s #stillstanding nonetheless.


by Jesse Mechanic


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