Watch Stephen Colbert Tell Conspiracy Theorists to “Grow The F*#k Up.”

#Pizzagate, for those who don’t know, is the entirely ridiculous and false conspiracy theory (pushed by the stalwart purveyors of bullshit at InfoWars and others,) that alleged that the Clinton campaign ran a child sex ring out of a series of pizzerias.  The theory, which, like many of its ilk was conjured by grasping for patterns to demonize, led to death threats against employees of Comet Ping Pong in DC, and culminated with a gun man going to the restaurant to “investigate.”

The story has become a frightening example of the dangers of feeding into made-up theories like these and the aggressive and anarchic nature of many people who choose to subscribe to this way of evidence-less and face-averse thinking.

Late Show host Stephen Colbert, who was falsely implicated in this false theory on Reddit for, and this is not a joke, talking about pizza on his show.  Colbert took ten minutes out of his show last night to destroy the theory and the engines of propaganda that help spread it.

He ends the piece by telling those involved to “grow the f*ck up.”


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