Watch Samantha Bee Interview Glenn Beck

It happened.  Glenn Beck’s apology/partial reinvention tour has reached its most intriguing point, an interview with Daily Show Hall of Famer and Full Frontal host, Samantha Bee.  Although much of it is played for laughs, there seemed to be a bit of genuine reluctance here from both sides, or at the very least a healthy dose of disbelief that this exchange was actually occurring in terrestrial reality.

“You’ve said a lot of crazy bullshit, OK? OK?” Bee begins, with a slight nod of approval from Beck, “For, like, people in my world, even if all you said for the rest of your life were reasonable things, I feel like you still earned a permanent side-eye from them.  Is that OK with you?”

“Not OK, but I believe…I think it’s rational” Beck responds.

In the end, the two catastrophists join hands and devour each other’s fondant-heads as some sort of mantis-like ritual to welcome “this strange new reality.”


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