Watch John Oliver Demolish Donald Trump like No One Else Could

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It’s 21 minutes of sincere, meticulous and comprehensive destruction.

HBO’s Last Week Tonight has proven time and time, and time, and time again to be a show that is able to mine and mold stories without restraint.  Despite Oliver insisting that his show is not journalism, Last Week Tonight has grown into this vibrant, alternative news source that sits somewhere between 60 Minutes and The Daily Show, but leans more towards the former.  Due to the hyper-focused, weekly format, Oliver and his team are able to take ambitious and wildly comprehensive deep doves that elude cable news programs.  Comedy may be the first priority, but the research and the journalism is stellar all-around.

Last Night, Oliver and co. turned their sites on GOP front-runner Donald Trump for the first time.  In typical fashion, the piece starts off on the lighter side explaining Trump’s general appeal point-by-point.  He, “tells it like it is” he “says what he means,” he’s “funding his own campaign; nobody owns him” and he’s, “an incredible business man.”

The piece turns as Oliver responds to the statement of Trump supporters thusly,

“Donald Trump can seem appealing, until you take a closer look -much like the lunch buffet at a strip club, or the NFL, or having a pet chimpanzee.  Sure, it seems fun, but someday Coco’s going to tear your fu#*ing limbs off.”

Then, as Oliver is wont to do, he flips, dismantles and surgically slaughters every claim.  Oliver’s team found evidence that an ancestor of Trump’s changed his name to Trump from, get this: Drumpf.  Donald Drumpf.  Doesn’t have quite the same zing.  Drumpf Tower.  The Drumpf Hotel.  Donald J. Drumpf signature neckwear.  Drumpf steaks (sold exclusively at Sharper Image?)  In the market for a massage chair? How about some massaged, Angus meat?  In response to the Drumpf news, Last Week Tonight created the website which links to an HBO store where you can buy a hat that says, “Make Donald Drumpf Again.”

The piece ends with a direct, over-the-top finishing move that can’t be missed,

“Don’t vote for him because he tells it like it is; he’s a bulls#it artist.  Don’t vote for him cuz he’s tough; he’s a baby with even smaller fingers.  Don’t vote for him because he’s a builder; he’s more of a sh*tty, lifestyle brand…Mr.Trump, I await your lawsuit in the morning – I have no doubt that the page with be signed in gold sharpie.”

Here’s the whole piece:


And be sure to visit and buy a hat.  They’re only $17.50, which is much cheaper than the $25.00 “Make America Great Again” hats.


by Jesse Mechanic 

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