Watch A Cancer Survivor Tell Paul Ryan Obamacare Saved His Life

At the CNN town hall last night, Jeff Jeans, a small business owner and former republican who worked for the Bush and Reagan and Bush campaigns, took the mic to explain how Obamacare (ACA) saved his life.

When the bill first became law, Jeans vehemently opposed it, “When it was passed, I told my wife we would close out business before I complied with this law.”  He goes on to tell the story of his cancer diagnosis and how he was denied coverage and treatment.  Under the ACA, Jeans was insured and received the treatment he needed.  “Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I’m standing here today alive.”

Ryan said he recognizes the importance of the pre existing provision, “We don’t want people to go poor or bankrupt because this thing happens to them.  We obviously want to have a system where they can get affordable coverage without going bankrupt because they get sick.  But we can do that without destroying the rest of the healthcare system for everybody else.”  His solution points to bolstering high risk pools in order to protect those with pre-existing conditions.  The ACA began with a series of high risk pools under the PCIP before the law was fully implemented in the marketplace.  Research has found that replacing the ACA marketplace and its concrete pre existing condition provision with larger, state-run high-risk pools will cause premiums to sky-rocket.


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