Watch The Amazing New, Stop Motion Radiohead Video

“Burn the Witch” is the first single off the group’s ninth album, which should be released any day now. 

For months Radiohead fans around the world have been clamoring for information about the band’s upcoming release.   Back in January the band created a new company, Dawn Chorus LLP, which many took as a signal for the impending unleashing of LP9.

A few days ago the band pretty much entirely erased their online identity prompting even more speculation, and creating a blank slate upon which a new project could land.  And today, we have, “Burn the Witch” a driving track with pulsing strings and far less electronic elements then we’ve become used to from the band’s last few releases.  It swells and builds without every losing energy.

The video, a stop motion animation work directed by Chris Hopewell is essentially a remake of The Wicker Man.  It’s off-kilter simplicity is entrancing from the very first scene.  If this piece is indicative of the quality of LP9, mind’s will be blown.

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