Watch a Cut of Dubya’s Most Dubya Moments From His Jeb Stump Speech

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The former commander-in-chief was as affable, light-hearted, folksy and un-presidential as he’s ever been. 

Has it been seven years already?  Seven years since we’ve heard that down-home chuckle punctuate structure-less sentences with an inimitable charm, that was both entrancing and terrifying.  Seven years since we’ve seen Dubya—and aside from moderate hair-loss and greying, time has preserved the man well.  He spends his days relaxing on his tree farm, oil painting and smiling from ear-to-ear over the fact that he never has to step foot in the white house again.

He’s still the same guy – take this cut of Sunday’s stump speech for brother Jeb as evidence:



All footage courtesy of CTV News Channel

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