WaPo Made a Twitter Account That Shows What Trump Sees. It’s Terrifying.

Philip Bump of the Washington Post created a Twitter account entitled @Trumps_feed.  The feed was built to mirror what Trump sees when he logs in and scrolls.  Spend a little time on the account and you’ll immediately feel like you’ve stepped into a vortex, a vacuum, an endless, self-sustaining toilet of shameless back patting.  What Trump sees when he logs in, and it’s not surprising, is nothing but far right-wing news stories, white nationalist musings and positive reinforcement.

There’s a lot of Drudge, a lot of Laura Ingraham, a dash of Katrina Pierson, a tablespoon of Ann Coulter, some White House, Trump Hotel and Trump Golf tweets.  There’s a ton of Fox and Fox personalities (at least the ones that still shill for him, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Greta Van Susteren, and Jesse Watters most predominantly), a few anti antifa accounts, Mike Pence, Piers Morgan and perhaps most surprisingly, Tiffany Trump. 

There is one thing that connects every tweet that sees: unbending support.  His feed is a total wave of positivity; it’s a massive, never-ending echo chamber filled to the brim with yes-men and women. 

Poke around for a while and see for yourself.  Trump lives in a golden bubble, and everything that exists outside of this bubble is fake news. 

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