The 4 Best Pro-Vegetarian Anthems

Boogie Down Productions, Dead Prez, Silverchair and The Smiths comprise our concise list of well-made, vegetarian dishes of the auditory variety.

Boogie Down Productions- “Beef

“Beef,” is the fifth track off the 1990 BDP album, Edutainment.  The track lays out KRS One’s serious beef with beef.  A simple, meandering, looped beat provides the accompaniment for a track that tackles the concrete and the spiritual issues with consuming animals.

“Let us begin now with the cow
The way it gets to your plate and how
The cow doesn’t grow fast enough for man
So through his greed he makes a faster plan

He has drugs to make the cow grow quicker
Through the stress the cow gets sicker
Twenty-one different drugs are pumped
Into the cow in one big lump…

So just before it dies, it cries
In the slaughterhouse full of germs and flies
Off with the head, they pack it, drain it, and cart it
And there it is, in your local supermarket

Red and bloody, a corpse, neatly packed
And you wonder about heart attacks?
Come on now man let’s be for real
You are what you eat is the way I feel”

Dead Prez- “Be Healthy”

Off the 2000 classic album, Let’s Get Free, “Be Healthy” focuses less on the animals and more on the vegetables.  The track is essentially an all-out call for veganism based on the health benefits of eating natural, whole foods.

“I don’t eat no meat, no dairy, no sweets
only ripe vegetables, fresh fruit and whole wheat
I’m from the old school, my household smell like soul food, bro
curried falafel, barbecued tofu
no fish though, no candy bars, no cigarettes
only ganja and fresh-squeezed juice from oranges
exercising daily to stay healthy
and I rarely drink water out the tap, cause it’s filthy.”

It’s the only hip hop track to ever start a verse with, “Lentil soup…” and I’d be willing to wager it will hold this title for centuries.

Silverchair- “Spawn Again”

Undoubtedly the hardest track off the 1999 album Neon Ballroom, Silverchair’s “Spawn Again” is distinctly more aggressive than the other selections on this list.  Daniel Johns and co. don’t mince words with this one, the message is pretty clear:

“Who is the bad guy for iron
Require mince these are the facts
So eat what you murder
This is animal liberation
Eight billion killed for human pleasure

Bring on the ape farm
Demolish the monkeys
Drink up, drink up
Look down on junkies”

The Smiths- “Meat is Murder”

Since Silverchair mentioned the idea of meat being murder and all, it’s only right we follow “Spawn Again” with the vegetarian anthem to end all vegetarian anthems, “Meat is Murder.”  The title track from The Smiths second album in 1985 is decidedly downtrodden and dark, which is clearly what Morrissey and Marr were going for.  When the track was performed it was typically accompanied by videos from slaughterhouses to really drive the point home.  In the subsequent few decades since “Meat is Murder” was released, Morrissey has become one of the most outspoken opponents of meat consumption world-wide.  He is staunch even by the staunchiest standards, but one can’t help but admire his unbending belief system.

It’s a severe, pointed, sad and affecting song; it’s supposed to make the listener feel uncomfortable, off-balance and perhaps a bit depressed.  Morrissey has never been one for sugar-coating.

Heifer whines could be human cries
Closer comes the screaming knife
This beautiful creature must die
This beautiful creature must die
A death for no reason
And death for no reason is murder
And the flesh you so fancifully fry
Is not succulent, tasty or kind
It’s death for no reason
And death for no reason is murder

If you research this topic, as we did, you’ll find the number of solid songs on this subject to be rather paltry to say the least.  We think it’s time Andre 3000, Jay Z, Jonsi and Cedric Bixler-Zavala (all vegetarians) collaborated on a fresh new, meatless anthem for 2016.



by Jesse Mechanic





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