Today is David Bowie Day in NYC

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Today (1.20.16) has been officially declared David Bowie Day in The Big Apple.  

The news was announced via David Bowie’s Facebook account, and it comes on the heels of Bowie registering the first #1 album of his career with Blackstar.

Mayor de Blasio will read the official proclamation following tonight’s performance of Lazarus—a musical Bowie co-wrote.   Bowie lived in Manhattan for longer than he lived anywhere else in the world (over 20 years).  New York was his adopted home; he loved it and it loved him.

It’s nice that New York is recognizing the transcendent star, but one does have to wonder why an artist has to pass away to receive an honor such as this.

Regardless, Happy David Bowie Day!

by Jesse Mechanic


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