The First Preacher Trailer is Here

As a lover of the books, the first look did not sell me, but it didn’t scare me away either.

The first trailer for the television adaptation of Preacher, a beloved comic series from Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon premiered yesterday during The Walking Dead.  The story is your typical Preacher becomes possessed with supernautral powers from Genesis, the outcast offspring of a demon and an angel, and alongside his alcoholic, vampire confidant Cassidy and his murderous girlfriend Tulip, set out on a quest to find and confront God.  It’s your run of the mill road trip tale saturated in religious blasphemy and unfettered ultra-violence.

The series has been close to reaching screens numerous times, most notably in  the form of a feature film directed by Sam Mendes, and again as an HBO series.  The derailments of each project were rumored to stem from the subject matter being so over the top in its violence and its treatment of religion that a faithful adaptation seemed all but impossible.  However, last year it was announced that Seth Rogen and his screenwriting partner Evan Goldberg had signed on to adapt the show as a series for AMC.  And the Superbad duo -along with former Breaking Bad writer Sam Catlin- seemed to have pulled it off.  It remains to be seen how faithful the adaptation will be as the trailer doesn’t really show too much and what it does show seems to differ from the books quite a bit.  But I will say Dominic Cooper looks pretty great as Jesse Custer as does Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, so I am still very intrigued to see what the cable television version of Preacher will be.


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