Song Premiere: J57 Feat. F. Virtue- “No Future”

Photo by: @CandidCity
“No Future” is the fourth single from J57’s upcoming “I’m the J57” LP, which is set to be released on Tuesday, 1/19/16 via the artist’s own imprint, FiveSeven Music.  The previous three singles from the album have shown J57’s ability to push boundaries, and combine elements from an array of genres while still having his feet (and heart) planted within hip hop, and “No Future” continues in this tradition.

The track begins with a soundbite from the 1979 film, and venerable hip hop classic, The Warriors.  It sets the tone for the track’s positive, believe in yourself above all else message.  It’s a message that, historically can be a tightrope walk.  Certain songs within this realm can appear to be a capitalization upon the theme, and thus, they always seem to be too preachy and overly simplistic.  Others however, the one’s that derive from a place of truth are the tracks that can really hit and motivate a listener.  “No Future” clearly sits in the ladder category.
The massive, stadium drums along with J57’s anthemic and Queen-like chorus makes the track remarkably catchy and it builds to each verse nicely.  The message is clear and genuine, and the song itself is powerful -you can’t help but be carried away by it to a degree.  The track ends with a short, but poignant verse from F. Virtue as the song unpredictably transforms into something reminiscent of a Grizzly Bear breakdown. Additional background vocals by Akie Bermiss color the soundscape as F. Virtue caps off a short, but well-crafted motivational track.   J57 is tough to pin down as an artist, which is a large part of what makes his work so intriguing.

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