There Was A Small Nod To Rhaegar Last Night That Was Easy To Miss

A lot happened on last night’s Game of Thrones.  Well, nothing cataclysmic I suppose, but a lot more set up, a pretty big reunion and a convergence of ice and fire.

We finally got to see Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen meet.  It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but they eventually came to an agreement so, the future may be bright.  I am not one who subscribes to the Jon/Dany romance angle.  While I acknowledge that Game of Thrones is no stranger to incest, it’s different when it’s the two main characters.

Plus, it just seems too easy and obvious.

But, hidden within the mingling between nephew and aunt there was one line that, without either party knowing it, connected them.

Jon said two words that could’ve came directly from his Father (and Dany’s brother) Rhaegar’s mouth.

Around 6:20 into this clip it begins:

Jon:  You’ve been talking to Tyrion.

Daenerys:  He is my hand.

Jon:  He enjoys talking.

Daenerys:  We all enjoy what were good at.

Jon: (brooding) I don’t.


“I don’t.”

That’s it.

So little says so much.

Jon, like his father Rhaegar is a highly-skilled fighter and a natural leader.

But Rhaegar was known as much for his reluctance when it came to fighting as he was for his prowess, fitness, and aptitude.  Rhaegar was a born leader and a world-class warrior, but he never wanted to be either—he was more or less forced into it.  Jon is the same way.

Sulkers and brooders the two of them.  Both entirely dissatisfied with their lot in life and yet affixed to their trajectories by a sense of duty.

Jon certainly has a fair amount of Stark in him, but this one aspect of his character is a clear nod to his Targaryen roots.



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