Rupert Murdoch Tweets: Ben Carson would be a “real black president”

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The whitest white man who ever whited, Rupert Murdoch posted a Tweet on Wednesday proclaiming Ben Carson would be a “real black president” thereby asserting that our current one, was not.

The tweet, to no one’s surprise, sparked immediate outrage and Murdoch responded in kind by, not really backpedaling or apologizingdespite using the word “Apologies!”but simply stating how charming the two men are.

The main thing we can take from this latest debacle is that 84 year old men should not be on Twitter.  Disregarding the content of the Tweets completely, there are five spaces between each sentence, a staggering lack of punctuation in its cave man prose and “offence”.  You’re a billionaire Rupert, get someone to proof read your Tweets.

This is far from the first time Murdoch has caused controversy on Twitter and it clearly wont be the last.

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