John Oliver Sounds off on Mental Health

“It seems there is nothing like a mass shooting to suddenly spark political interest in mental health.”

Another violent tragedy, another slew of thin conversations pinning all death and destruction on the failures of America’s mental health system.  A system that is conveniently kept in the shadows as a looming presence upon which politicians can ignore and then grandstand upon when it’s convenient.

Lets presuppose, just for a minute, just for fun, that guns have absolutely nothing at all to do with these mass killings.  Lets go along with the rhetoric that states these tragedies solely derive from issues of mental health.  If we are going to live within this myopic world, then the lack of movement on any significant mental health reform is completely inexcusable.  If all of this death from guns has absolutely nothing to do with guns, and all to do with mental health, then the lack of action within that realm is appalling.

As Oliver states, “If we’re going to constantly use mental ill people to dodge conversations about gun control, then the very least we owe them is a fucking plan.”



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