There Is No Labyrinth Remake or Reboot

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Screenwriter Nicole Perlman quickly took to Twitter to clear things up stating, “No one is remaking ‘Labyrinth.’ The Movie is Perfect as it is.” 

Reports came in over the weekend that Guardians of the Galaxy screenwriter Nicole Perlman was set to pen a Labyrinth remake or reboot.  The rumors swirled around the digisphere gaining steam and upsetting Hoggle devotees and Ludo lovers alike.  The timing was curious, being only a few weeks after the death of Labyrinth’s Goblin King, David Bowie, and the idea of remaking a classic as idiosyncratic as Labyrinth just seemed like an ill-advised venture.

So Perlman clarified the news on Twitter:

The timing was unfortunate, and it does seem as though Labyrinth is safe from remake (for now). But Perlman is on board to pen a sequel or continuation in some regard.

Till then, we dance.

by Jesse Mechanic



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