Nick Lachey is About to Become a Legal Drug Kingpin

The former tuna-expert and 98º member is campaigning for the legalization of marijuana in his home state of Ohio.  I wonder if this has anything to do with him owning a gigantic weed farm there.  Nah, just a coincidence I’m sure. 

Ohio seems primed to pass legislation legalizing marijuana in the state, and nobody is happier than Nick Lachey.  The crooner turned agricultural-enthusiast has starred in a series of commercials in his home state of Ohio pleading with viewers to vote to approve the legislation stating,

“I’m Nick Lachey. Ohio is my home. I care very deeply about the people here, which is why I’m very proud to be part of the movement that’s going to create jobs, reinvigorate our economy and improve the safety of our cities.”

Now while all of these issues Lachey brings up may in fact be true, it stands to reason that the primary objective here is the almighty buck.  The Washington Post reported that Lachey co-owns a 29 acre weed farm in the state, so if weed is legalized he will be, as Jean Ralphio would say, FLUSHED WITH CASH.

UPDATE: According to the  Associated Press, Ohio has voted down the measure.  Lachey and co. were reported to have spent some serious cash on the campaign for this bill, so the news if financially damaging in two regards.  Get em next time Nick.   

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