New Study Reveals Climate Change Denial Plummeting

Time Magazine reported today that a large, ongoing survey found that only 16% of Americans currently believe there is no evidence proving climate change is real.  That’s a drastic 10% decrease from last year. 

The results are a step in the right direction, as the statistical jump is certainly rather large, but the survey did not measure whether or not any of its 900 participants believe climate change is caused by humans. This is a pivotal point in the debate.  While many American’s can see that the weather has become more extreme and instances of major storms have increased dramatically, many still believe that our CO2 emissions have nothing to do with it.  There are numerous studies on greenhouse gases dating all the way back to 1938 that have confirmed excess emissions of CO2 will warm an atmosphere -but most people don’t bother with empirical, peer-reviewed data.

Regardless of the studies limitations the increase is a good thing.  It seems the populous is embracing the reality of climate change as an actual issue and not simply a random period in a some sort of undefinable cycle.

At least the apathy seems to be dying a bit.

by Jesse Mechanic

Jesse Mechanic is the Editor-in-chief of The Overgrown.

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