New Music: Young Planet “A New Point Of View”

The eclectic, Brooklyn-based hip hop duo Young Planet released a new single this week, titled “Point Of View.”With aspirations to release new music as often as the tracks deem themselves polished, in addition to sharing several projects already being kept warm in the oven, Young Planet members, Cidida and Eibol are eager to keep their creativity fueling their year ahead. With the production (and post-production) duties being handled in house, Eibol and Cidida’s symbiotic approach to making music results in a product that is entirely their own – both in terms of sound and direction. With an inviting vocal approach and a beat that might fuel some trippy dreams, “Point Of View” is a great introduction if you haven’t traveled along with YP before.

Fans of independent hip-hop with experimental flavoring — Young Planet is for you. Check out their loosie track, “Point Of View” below.

by KC Orcutt

Brooklyn resident KC Orcutt aims to capture moments found in music. Her freelance writing career has brought her to many places over the years, including London, Croatia, Prague, all over the US and on tour with her favorite hometown rappers. Happiest when working with words and people, KC is first and foremost an enthusiast of her craft and supporter of all things dope.

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