Trump on Immigration, “We’re going to obey existing laws…the existing laws are very strong”

Wait, what.

Earlier in the week Donald Trump spoke with Bill O’Reilly about allegedly “softening” his stance on immigration. The conversation that resulted is simply stunning. This is not a softening (and can we please stop using that term) it’s an entire policy reversal. It’s a total 180°. And this was the key issue of his campaign. In the primaries, Trump destroyed Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio for being soft on immigration, and he claimed that our current system was a unmitigated disaster.

Now he says, “the existing laws are very strong” and “Obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country.  Bush, the same thing. Lots of people were brought out of the country with the existing laws.  Well, I’m going to do the same thing.”

The same thing.

The same thing!?

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