My Morning Jacket – Compound Fracture (Giorgio Moroder & Roman Luth Remix)

Not the first band one would think of being prone to electro-dance remixes, but somehow, it works.  

75 year old disco legend Giorgio Moroder and producer Roman Lüth are responsible for the unlikely remix. But the song doesn’t really sound like a remix, which is quite a feat considering the varying sonic landscapes behind each version.  Typically when electronic producers -especially of the dance variety- remix rock songs the results are disjointed affairs, with tracks that feel more akin to the audible aesthetic of mashups than reinventions or reinterpretations.  In a variety of cases, it’s a worst of both worlds effect.  But not here. This song sounds like a fully-formed and cohesive piece.  The electronic elements coalesce around James’ vocals in a way that feels natural and logical.  It works.  And that’s impressive.

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