Marco Rubio, Now a Trump Supporter, Is the Saddest of Them All

“Friends don’t let friends vote for con-artists.”  -Marco Rubio on Donald Trump -4/26/16.

This election cycle has been quite the soul-sucking affair on the right.  We’ve seen Chris Christie standing behind Trump looking peaked and vacant-headed, as if, just prior to gracing the stage, he was lobotomized by the Donald himself.  We’ve seen Ben Carson endorse Donald Trump by saying that if he’s a disastrous president, “we’re only looking at four years.

Certain GOP politicians are in a tough spot right now.  They spoke out against Trump, they said he “wasn’t a true conservative” and that he’s “dangerous” and “erratic” and that his campaign is a “con job” and he’s perpetuating, “the biggest scam in American political history.”  They said if the GOP choose Trump the party would, “pay a big price in November and beyond” and that, “if he (Trump) had not inherited 200 millions dollars, right now he would be selling watches in Times Square” and, “friends don’t let friends vote for con-artists.”

Actually, by “they” we mean Marco Rubio.  Marco Rubio said all that.

And now, little Marco has announced he too will forfeit his soul to the squirrel-haired king.  He too will pledge himself, and his every cell (and delegate) to the orange one.  While Rubio’s statement was not exactly a glowing endorsement, he did say he would be “honored” to speak on Trump’s behalf at the convention is he were asked.

Christie was bad, Rubio is worse.

Stuff like this happens all the time in politics.  But the anti-Trump rhetoric was so pointed, unmalleable and convincing, that each reversal of course can’t help but seem wildly disingenuous.

Will they all eventually fall in line?

If Jeb and/or McCain ever come around, it will make these two displays of remarkable hypocrisy look rather tame by comparison.


by Jesse Mechanic


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