Listen to Glassjaw’s First Single in Four Years, “New White Extremity”

The post-hardcore legends return with the first single of their forthcoming LP.

Glassjaw is one of those bands that -due to their overwhelming early success- can continue to tour and perform tracks off albums that are now over a decade old.  But fans have been clamoring for a new full length record since Worship And Tribute  was released back in 2002, and now it seems they (we) may finally get their (our) wish.

Today the band shared their first single, “New White Extremity” off their upcoming full length release.  The track continues along the lines of many of the songs on The Coloring Book EP (released in 2011).  It’s loud, it’s filled with escalating and de-escalating layers, the drums are huge and complex and Daryl Palumbo’s vocals astutely punctuate the entire thing.

Glassjaw is back and they sound like Glassjaw.  It’s a good day.

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