Kanye’s Album Is Now Titled “T.L.O.P.” – Let’s Guess What It Stands For

  1. TTaylor Lautner: Official Pancake
  2. The League of Pants
  3. Tim Leaks on Planes
  4. Two Little Oblong Papayas
  5. Tentative Labyrinthian Obsequious Pornography
  6. Ten Librarians Obey Pink
  7. Teaching Lame Obstetricians Polka
  8. Tea Leone, Oliver Platt
  9. The Live Octopus Parade
  10. Teaching Ludacris Oblate Physics
  11. Tea Leaves Over Potatoes
  12. Tentative Larry, Over Prescribed
  13. Twelve Lazy Oil Paintings
  14. Tight-Lipped Oregonian People
  15. Toot Loot Ohhhh Plop
  16. Try Leaving Oatmeal Plain
  17. The lastest Overdose: Plutonium
  18. The Lazy Oozing Potato
  19. Torn Labrum Ouch Partner
  20. Twenty Live Ostriches Performing

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