Kanye West Just Tweeted That Bill Cosby Is Innocent – of Course He Did

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His new album is, curiously, set to be released in two days, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

The man who called Ben Carson, “the most brilliant guy,” said Coldplay is, “more talented than the Beatles,” and declared he is, “not a fan of books” has defiantly and emphatically -with ten exclamation points- proclaimed that Bill Cosby, who has been accused of raping and drugging nearly 60 women is innocent.

Kanye did not follow up the tweet with any clarification because he doesn’t need to: a real stance on the issue is not the point.  Kanye is doing what he always does, manipulating the media to his advantage and perpetually remaining in the headlines.  Does Kanye believe Bill Cosby is innocent, maybe.  Does he still think Ben Carson is brilliant, I doubt it.  Does he truly believe that Coldplay is better than the Beatles? Who knows.  Does anyone really care about these statements anymore? No.  A small subsection maybe, but if the work is great, how quickly we forget.  MBDTF and Yeezus are highly efficient Neuralyzers.

Kanye can, and has -take this article as evidence- drummed up a visceral, swirling fervor around his already highly anticipated album, just two days before its release.  And then, a few days after it drops, he can backtrack if he needs to.

Or, if the album is truly incredible, most people will probably just forget about it.


by Jesse Mechanic


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