Kanye Changes Album Title From “Swish” to “Waves”

courtesy of Twitter.com

The album formerly known as So Help Me God and then SWISH is now Waves.

Kanye West took to Twitter last night to annotate upon his previous handwritten tweet revealing the tracklist of SWISH.   Ye’s forthcoming seventh album will now be titled, Waves and, if we are to believe the changes and additions, the record’s second track, “Father Stretch My Hands” is now split into two parts. the album as a whole has been broken into three acts and will feature A$AP Rocky, The-Dream and Swizz Beats in some capacity, and is now capped out by an 11th track, “Ultra Light Beam”.

When an artist continually changes a project and attempts to perpetually reframe their work, it is generally not a good sign for the overall quality of the piece.  Adding an three-act structure seems like a calculated move to add more artistic weight to the album- to repurpose.  That may not be the case here, but the repeated delays, name changes, additions and alterations do not instill confidence.


by Jesse Mechanic

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