John Kasich’s Last Campaign Ad Is a Delusional Fever Dream

The ad time-travels to show Governor Kasich accepting the GOP nomination as confetti and balloons reign down on the next first family. 

John Kasich -a candidate who has thus far amassed a grand total of one primary victory -in his home state of Ohio,-  is still trailing Marco Rubio by 18 delegates and has been mathematically eliminated for months has the GOP electorate right where he wants them.

The newest ad put out by Kasich-supporting Super PAC, New Day for America, paints for us a rosy, pastel-laden future.  A future in which John Kasich wins the nomination at the GOP convention in Cleveland because, “It’s about the delegates, and the delegates decided this election was about winning the presidency” and so, “In the final hours it came down to 1,237 brave Americans. Delegates, you, who overcame great pressure and did the right thing.”

Either John Kasich is possessed with an true and unwavering sense of vibrant positivity or his cortex has lost connection with the corporeal world and he’s floating in a dreamscape somewhere between timelines.  Perhaps he’s employing the often utilized but rarely successful, Field of Dreams approach—or he’s simply taking goal-visualization to a more concrete level.

Regardless, the ad is…something.


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