Jeb Bush’s Gun Tweet is a Pathetic and Desperate Final Grasp

courtesy of Twitter

Yesterday Jeb! Tweeted a picture of his monogrammed pistol accompanied by a single word caption: “America.”

It’s a move so odd, so out of character, ill-advised and hopeless that one can’t help but wonder who OK’d it.  It reeks, positively reeks of desperation.  It’s a move to appear more controversial, more news-worthy, more conservative, but it only serves to muddle -or all out negate- what little progress Jeb! has made in crafting a presidential persona.

This is the nail in the Bush campaign’s coffin—this is a “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” tactic, and it lands with a meaty thump of calculation and frustration.  The is pandering level: 7000.  It’s Jeb’s attempt to appeal to country conservatives, second-amendment soldiers and malcontented, fly-over republicans who haven’t made up their mind.  But anyone who has watched five minutes of a debate, read three sentences on the GOP primary or follow Donald Trump on Twitter know that this is not Jeb!  Is it Jeb’s gun?  I’m sure it is – and I don’t doubt that he is a staunch supporter of the second amendment.  But Jeb, this far into the game you cannot pivot directly into the tornado and dumb your campaign down to fit within the fury – that never works.

At this point Jeb! needs to stick to his plan and glide closer and closer -with waxed-wings a flapping- towards the fiery beacon in the sky, content to plummet, but plummet honestly.

This is just sad.

It’s like watching someone in an audition being told, “we decided to give the part to someone else.” And then seeing that person become a hollow shell, groveling and pleading:

“but, but I can tap dance”

(starts to tap dance to a line of shaking heads.)

“I can do a Ukrainian accent…I can sing falsetto…I can pop and lock.”

I’m sorry Jeb, you didn’t get the part.

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