Is Donald Trump an Undercover Political Operative Working for the Democrats?


Well, no, but here’s why it would make sense.

I think we may be coming at the Donald Trump phenomenon from the wrong angle entirely.  Let’s presuppose, just for fun, that the Donald is an undercover operative working for the Democratic party.  Perhaps back when Trump was a Clinton supporter, or even prior to that, he was approached with the idea of playing a pivotal role in a long con. Or, perhaps it was a more spur of the moment proposal – a chance for the Democrats to pounce and take advantage of a fractured and heavily divided GOP.  If you look at the Donald Trump presidential campaign from this point of view -that is the point of view that places him as a virus carefully woven within the Republican party with the sole purpose of destroying it from the inside-  his entire run makes so much more sense.

A Losing Recipe

Let’s first examine Trump’s comments on why Romney lost the 2012 election.  When speaking to Newsmax Trump centered on Romney’s tough stance on immigration as a key factor in his loss,

He had a crazy policy of self-deportation, which was maniacal…It sounded as bad as it was, and he lost all of the Latino vote … He lost the Asian vote. He lost everybody who is inspired to come into this country.

So only a mere three years ago Trump himself stated that he believed Romney’s stance on immigration was “crazy” and “maniacal” and that it led to his inability to appeal to non-white voters.   Trump realized that to run a successful campaign one cannot alienate entire groups of people, or slide too far to the right – and yet, now his stance on immigration is far more harsh than the one Romney proposed.

If we are to believe Trump’s own words in which he stated that he knows losing out on the Hispanic and Asian vote is a recipe for a losing campaign, it wouldn’t make any sense that this would be the issue his campaign choose to run on.  Unless, of course, Trump is a spy.  If he is a secretly a Dem who infiltrated the GOP, grandstanding upon a ludicrous immigration policy that immediately alienates massive groups of voters would make total sense, in fact, it would be rather brilliant.  Moreover, by Trump taking such a hard and unrealistic stance on immigration, even if he loses the nomination -which was likely the plan all along-  he has affixed the Republican party with the label of being anti-immigrant.  Jeb Bush was seen to be the GOP front-runner going into the first debate, due in part to his mildly progressive immigration stance, but he, and most of the other candidates have been forced to slide to the right to avoid being viewed as soft on immigration when compared to Trump.  So what Trump has succeeded in doing here is  disregarding huge groups of voters while inciting the far right fringes and thus, putting pressure on the other candidates to pull more to the right.  He has bent the entire primary to his will and flip-flopped¹ his way to temporary relevance.  He has dragged the republican primary into his circus tent.

Doublin’ Down Donald

Remember the days when an overzealous yell meant the end to your presidential campaign?  Well, things have changed, and Trump has realized this.  Thus, Donald Trump does not apologize.  Ever.  In the last few weeks alone he has doubled-down on his statement that “thousands and thousands of people were cheering” in Jersey City as the tower’s fell on 9/11 despite not a single law enforcement agency or news network corroborating his claim.  He also stated that warrantless searches of Muslims in the U.S. should be on the table and he supported the idea of having  all Muslims carry special ID cards.  He has retweeted racist, fake statistics from an organization that does not exist, and that originated from a Neo-Nazi’s Twitter account, and he publicly mocked the disability of New York Times reporter, Serge Kovaleski.

So let’s go over the checklist of alienated voters:



African Americans


The Disabled 

New Jersians

It would seem these can only be the actions of someone attempting to burn an organization to the ground from within.  He’s not only marginalizing large swaths of voters each day, he is brazenly offending them and then reasserting each statement with even more vitriol.  Trump has taken a party that was already split into -primarily- two basic camps, the tea party, libertarian wing and the more conventional, down-the-middle, establishment wing, and he has somehow, severely damaged both of them.  Tea party darling Rand Paul has become an afterthought, Jeb Bush is slowly shuffling into irrelevance, Scott Walker is already gone, Christie and Huckabee were demoted, Fiorina has been stagnant, nobody ever really cared about Kasich and Rubio and Cruz are in the mix but can’t seem to catch Trump.

Mission complete?    

At this point -if I were the Democrats who hired him- I would tell him to tone it down a bit.  The whole thing is starting to get a bit obvious.

Or, he’s just crazy.


¹A few more Trump flip-flops: in 1999 he told Larry King that he believes in Universal Healthcare, but now entirely opposes any such reform -including The Affordable Care Act.  Also in 1999, Trump stated to Meet The Press that he was, “very pro-choice.”  He is now pro-life.  In 2009, on Fox News, Trump called Hillary Clinton a “terrific woman” and continued to say, “she really works hard and I think she does a good job.”  Here’s a recent Trump statement on Hillary, “You elect Hillary president, you have a country that goes to hell.”   He also used to believe that legalizing drugs was the way to win the so-called war on drugs, but he recently stated that he was against Colorado legalizing Marijuana.  He once favored a ban on assault rifles, but does not anymore.  Now much of this can be chalked up to simply attempting to fit in with the party he decided to run under -every politician flip-flops- but some of these are pretty dramatic and they will come to light in a general debate.  But Trump won’t be in a general debate, his job will already be completed by then.  


by Jesse Mechanic

 Jesse Mechanic is the Editor-in-chief of The Overgrown.

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