Marco Rubio: The False Moderate

Marco Rubio: The False Moderate, Marco Rubio split screen

It’s only by contrast that Rubio looks like a moderate candidate, his policies are anything but. 

Say you go on a ski trip, and everyone on this trip is a horrendous skier, they’re losing poles, and snow plowing/pizza-ing a path to calamity.  But not you, you’re solid, you’re the only one who can make it down without falling.  It may seem like you’re a great skier, the next Bode Miller perhaps.  But you’re not a great skier.  And Marco Rubio isn’t moderate (also, probably not a great skier, but I’m just guessing).

Compared to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, Ronald Reagan would be seen as a bleeding-heart liberal and George W. Bush as a flagrant, democratic socialist.  The point is the landscape has changed, dramatically.  What once passed as moderate is now seen through a new lens, as weakness.  There is no more leaning to the other side, or dipping one’s toes in, there are clear lines, and you best not cross them.  Kasich and Bush are the only two candidates who pulled up their waders and trudged into moderate waters – and it hasn’t served either well.  Kasich, the current governor of Ohio, will likely be able to make it to the Buckeye State to bolster his VP appeal only to bow out shortly after, and Bush’s money should only carry him for a few more weeks, unless a significant shift occurs very soon.  Now Chris Christie clearly has some moderate bones within his sizable frame, but he hasn’t let any of them be seen for months upon months.  Perhaps the reasoning behind these decidedly more moderate candidates not being labeled with the populist/moderate title, is simply because they have never polled high enough to warrant significant media coverage.

Regardless of the reasons, Rubio is seen by many as the moderate option on the right.  But if you look at his policies and public statements, he is only a minuscule, half-step up from Cruz and Trump (henceforth  referred to as: Crump).  Crump does not believe in climate change or enhanced background checks on purchasing firearms.  Neither does Rubio (1).  Crump is pro-life, and in favor of abolishing most government-run organizations including the EPA and the DOE.  Rubio is staunchly pro-life and has been very critical of the EPA and wants to abolish the DOE.  Crump thinks the historic Paris climate accord was a bad move for the U.S.  Rubio concurs.  Crump is against allowing any Syrian immigrants into the US, and also believes we need to heavily surveil the muslim population already here.  So does Rubio.  Crump is for securing the border at all costs.  So is Rubio.  Crump is against all forms of amnesty.  So is Rubio, although this one is a bit of a flip/flop.  Crump does not support gay marriage.  Neither does Rubio.  Crump is vehemently against the Iran nuclear deal.  OK, you’re not going to believe this, so is Rubio.  Crump believes Obama is a cross between Hitler, the anti-christ and Huey P. Newton.  The Rubio abides.  Regardless of whether or not you are in line with these stances,  there is no argument to be made that these views are moderate.

Here are a few more of moderate Marco’s greatest hits:

He voted against the Violence Against Women act.

He co-sponsored a bill to cut birth control control coverage for millions.

He’s pledged to defund Planned Parenthood.

He wants to drastically increase defense spending.

Marco Rubio came up as a Tea Party darling, he is not this year’s Mitt Romney or John McCain.  He’s also not an establishment candidate, but many are reaching to paint him as such.  He’s more establishment than Trump and Carson, and everybody in the senate hates Cruz, so, once again, by comparison, he’s branded as something that he isn’t.  Bush is an establishment candidate, with the donors and backing to match, Rubio is more of a fringe candidate with fringe ideas, but he’s not fully entrenched in that camp either.  He exists in a middle ground between the two, and if he can stay there, it may enable him to play to both sides and secure the nomination.

Rubio has a certain robotic charisma at times; and he’s more of a statesman than the rest of the GOP field. He’s a solid, albeit soundbite-centric speaker, he’s young, but not too young – and he’s Hispanic. Many believe that he is the party’s best shot at beating the dems in a general election, and that may very well be the case.

But one thing Marco Rubio is not, is moderate

by Jesse Mechanic


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