Trump’s Cabinet Meeting This Morning Was Filled With Back-Patting Insanity

Donald Trump held his first full cabinet meeting this morning.  These affairs are generally not particularly exciting, a statement is made, a million pictures are taken and then the actual meeting begins.  What happened today was a bit different.

It was odd, ridiculous, tone-deaf and brazenly autocratic.  For 11 minutes (11 minutes!) all the members of Trump’s cabinet went around the table praising the supreme leader, lavishing him with what certainly felt like ordered acclaim. It was a public, kiss-the-ring moment.  As is always the case with Trump it was all about loyalty.

Of course, in Trump’s head, loyalty means one must demonstrate unyielding support and illogical praise during all moments of one’s life.  There are no off days (minutes or seconds), his cabinet’s main function is to bolster his ego and legitimize his persona.

Watch the whole thing here:


The meeting is impossible to parody because it already is a parody.  Even so, Chuck Schumer tried.

And, well, here it is:

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