Great Tracks You May Have Missed Pt.1 | Pell- Café Du Monde

21 year old NOLA-bred rapper Pell has made significant waves within the outskirts of hip-hop over the last few years while still remaining largely unknown to those with two feet inside the fringe.  Pell’s newest album (his second) LIMBO was produced by Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio and released on his Federal Prism label on Nov.6th.  Since becoming a blog-worthy figure, many writers have clamored to attach Pell’s sound to labels like, “dream rap” or “cloud rap” due to the airy, ethereal quality of the much of the instrumentation -and the comparisons to Chance the Rapper are abundant and not without validity.  Pell and Chance do share certain qualities and seem to have adopted a similar, free-wheeling approach to a genre that can -at times- be constricting.

Pell is not a rapper who sings or a singer who raps, he exists -and thrives- somewhere between it all.  This is the “Café Du Monde” the first single off LIMBO.


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