Is Game of Thrones Gearing up to Give Us a Song of Ice and Fire Finale?

Will Cersei bring the fire and the Night King bring the ice?  It’s certainly possible. (Potential spoilers within)

Cersei has been pretty quiet this season.  Two out of her three children have now met the Seven, and the last one has essentially become the Tom(men) Cruise of King’s Landing.  And yes, that makes the High Septon David Miscavige, and Margery Tyrell, Nicole Kidman.  Most of the season has found Cersei sulking around the castle with zombie Mountain in tow.  It seemed as though her arc would come to a head at her trial by combat, but her son, in a stunning display of legislative verve, outlawed the practice throughout the realm.  So what’s next for Cersei?


This is a popular theory and I’m on board.  Bran’s visions showed us Pyromancers handling Wildfire and then a massive, underground ecto-cooler explosion.  Here’s where things get interesting: as far as we know, there never was a Wildfire explosion beneath King’s Landing.  Jaime Lannister earned his moniker ensuring that didn’t happen.  So when exactly did or does this happen?

I’d wager the season six finale.

Cersei is out of options.  The Mountain is a killing machine, but he’s still only one man.  He can’t take down every sparrow in KL.  And in a common trial, let’s face it, Cersei would be in big trouble.  The High Sparrow and co. will have no problem finding witness after witness to testify against the Queen Mother.  But I don’t think this world is done with Cersei Lannister quite yet.  Episode 8 ended with Cersei speaking with Maester Qyburn about something she had asked him to look into.

Here’s the exchange:

I believe the rumor they are speaking of is that King’s Landing is sitting on a hot bed of well-preserved Wildfire, that if disturbed, would burn portions, or the entire city to the ground.  Keeping in mind how famously volatile and hard to contain Wildfire is, here’s my full prediction: Cersei attempts to use Wildfire to destroy the sept of the Faith Militant  and accidentally, likely through the Wildfire not cooperating, kills her son Tommen.  This all goes back to the prophecy of Maggie the Frog from the books, which we saw only a portion of on the show.

Here’s the important part, courtesy of

Cersei: Will the king and I have children?
Maggy: Oh, aye. Six-and-ten for him, and three for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds, she said. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.

So Cersei accidentally kills her son, and perhaps burns down much of the city by her carelessness.  Jaime, the Valonqar (high Valeryian for “little brother”) out of pure anger over her actions, or to stop Cersei from burning the entire city down -much as he did nearly two decades prior- will “wrap his hands” around her neck and “choke the life” from her.

I know.  This is some serious shit.

Could Jaime actually do that to Cersei?  Could he kill his twin sister/ love of his life?

I think so.  And I think he will.

The ice portion of this prediction is far more straight forward and requires much less page space.  I think the wall is coming downit’s happening.  We don’t know the specifics of the magic that kept the walkers and wights at bay, but the spell either already has, or will be broken.  While the bastards fight to the death over a piece of land, the dead will be hurtling Bran the Builder’s life’s work.

And so, A Song of Ice and Fire it will be.


By Jesse Mechanic

Art by Steve Ponzo



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