Trump’s Solution to Mass Shootings: More Guns

In a statement that is unlikely to surprise anyone, Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump remarked on NBC’s “Meet The Press” that he believes America’s solution to its pesky problem of mass shootings should be arming more people.  Trump stated, “I can make the case that if there were guns in that room other than -the shooter’s-, fewer people would have died.”

Citing examples of high gun fatality rates in Chicago and Baltimore -cities with rather strict gun laws- Trump generously abstracted that, “the gun laws have nothing to do with this.”

Full interview below.



  • Seriously says:

    I can not see how this guy is a bad candidate. I think this country needs someone who cares about the country, knows how to spend (AND NOT SPEND) money to get it back together. I think maybe his personality could be his biggest downfall. At the end of the day though, he is not a politician… and the last thing this country needs is another political puppet with their donors money hanging over their heads telling them what to do/say. Trump gives zero fucks because he is 100% self funded, and actually knows the system.. which means whether or not you agree with all of his viewpoints, at least you know they are all his.

  • Equivalent says:

    I am not from USA but what I see from this Republican nomination is that Donald Trump is the most worthy candidate than anyone else. He has not been controlled by anyone else and nor will be because he did not accept any donation for his campaign and by that he is not bound to return the favor if someday he gets elected. Other candidates has been sponsored by several group of people or establishment who would like to ask a favor if someday they were get elected. This was already and currently happening where the rich individuals has been favored by the government instead of those middle class tax payers. Those few rich individuals are controlling these so-called career politicians who created rules and policies in favored of their donors.

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