Frustrated Americans, Donald Trump Is Not the Answer

Photo courtesy of National Review

He acts like he is one of you—he’s not.

Tomorrow is the day. After what feels like a decade or so of campaigning, this fateful election is finally here. Tomorrow America makes a decision: do we go with experience, expertise and stoic centrism, or do we go for the flailing outlaw, the Harold Hill-like huckster (without the whole change of heart thing) who promises the shake up the game and drain the swamp?

The race is close. According to the Real Clear Politics national average, Clinton is at +3 and the Huffington Post average has Clinton at 47.5% and Trump at 42.3%. This means a Trump victory is within the margin of error and thus, not impossible.

You, eligible voter, may be frustrated, you may feel like you’ve been left behind and ignored—but Donald Trump is not going to make things better for you, he’s just not. He taps into anger; he spews divisive venom; he’s a misogynist, a racist and a demagogue in the truest sense of the word. He has sold the American public a bill of goods. He has claimed he will bring back jobs, solve our immigration issues, revitalize the middle class, repair of healthcare system—he won’t. He can’t. He doesn’t know how.

He doesn’t know how to do any of this, he’s just saying words. And sure, every politician does this to a degree, but it’s different with him, with him it’s razor thin. He’s an life-sized alt-right talking point; entirely substance-less and devoid of tact or grace. He’s a millimeter deep and 50 yards wide. He is not going to cure your ills. He doesn’t know you, he doesn’t empathize with your struggles, he’s never worked in a public capacity to enrich a community; he has lived a disconnected, privileged life, and has never once shown an interest in the poor or middle class.

He’s not your representative.

He’s not going to bring jobs back, because, despite what he says, his broad approach shows that he doesn’t understand the underlying issues impacting American manufacturing jobs. He is not going to fix healthcare with his plan to entirely repeal Obamacare and lift state restrictions. As many experts noted, his plan would leave our healthcare system far worse off than it already is.

And if you care all about the rights of women, or the LGBTQ+ community, or minorities, you simply cannot pull the lever for this man. He, alongside his regressive running mate, will ruin all of the social progress made under the Obama administration. He doesn’t support gay marriage or Roe v. Wade, and he still hasn’t ruled out the use of deportation task forces.

Donald Trump is not the solution.

I know he may seem like he is, but don’t let your frustration cloud your judgment. This man could be sitting in the oval office deciding on whether or not we should put troops on the ground—he will have the nuclear codes, he will appoint supreme court judges, he will have executive order privilege. Apparently, his campaign took his Twitter access away for the final few days of the campaign.

The man can’t be trusted to run a Twitter account.

He is a petulant child.

He screams, he yells, he insults, he lies.

He is a con-artist, and I implore you not to buy into his scam.

This isn’t a right/left thing, this is a capable vs. dangerous thing.

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