Dear Yankees Fans Rooting for the Mets…

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The regional loyalty is nice, but don’t be too happy, you’re not allowed to be this happy.

In a way, it’s wonderful that the city has rallied around the typically hapless New York Mets—it is.  Even a growing cadre of Yankees fans seem to have put the local rivalry aside and jumped on the bandwagon with both feet, an audible thud reverberating throughout the suddenly overcrowded wagon.  But for years this wagon was nearly empty, barren, the floor boards were rotten and it smelled like hot death.  People were dying of typhoid fever.  But those on the wagon stayed on the wagon—some out of loyalty and some because they simply had nowhere else to go.  And now, we made it through a nine year winter and emerged on the other side with new wheels, a powerful stallion and a refreshing summers breeze circling the stagecoach as it splits the prairie with a subtle but steady elegance.

So you see, if you were not on said wagon for the days when Mary lost a foot, or the axle broke, or the cabin flooded, you are simply not allowed to feel the same unbridled joy of those who weathered the tumultuous terrain.  So Yankees fans rooting for the Mets, root in the comfort of your own home and be happy for the Mets, that’s fine, it’s nice—they deserve it.  But please do not outwardly display happiness like it is your own, like it extends from your beaten and bruised heart.  Your team lost.  You’re not permitted to be very happy right now.  Being a sports fan is about being sad, angry and depressed and letting those emotions build up inside of you until they are -hopefully- cathartically released when your team wins.  The Yankees have won five World Series titles since the Mets last in ’86 and Yankee fans have undoubtedly enjoyed them—so please, let Mets fans enjoy this run and also, enjoy your sadness.  We deserve it (and you don’t).


by Jesse Mechanic


  • Michael Bitter says:

    I disagree with you completely. Yankees fans rooting for the Mets aren’t trying to be on the bandwagon and we aren’t trying to appear as if the happiness belongs to us. We KNOW who we are and we KNOW where our allegiance lies. At the end of the day it’s about NY and NY baseball first. As long as the Yankees aren’t playing the Mets then I don’t have an issue with the Mets and realistically most Yankee fans don’t either. Mets fans can be such babies about their team. “Don’t root for us now”, “get off the bandwagon” blah, blah, blah…We don’t want your happiness, we’ve had it five times in the past 20 years so we’ve had our fill. Just as you say we’re not permitted to be happy YOU are not permitted to tell us we can’t be happy for the Mets and NY.

    • Jesse Mechanic says:

      This post was written 99.5% in jest -it’s mostly a joke. It’s brazenly bitter and borderline absurd, I know that. Fandom should not really be about wallowing in depression and being a selfish ass, although it can be fun at times. The love the Mets are receiving from the City of New York and Yankee fans is awesome – it’s beautiful thing. But, I would be lying if I said the various angry social media responses this post has garnered from Yankee fans didn’t put a little smile on my face. It’s all love though pinstripe enthusiasts, it’s all love.

  • Michael Bitter says:

    It’s all love…Not all of us hate the Mets and even the ones that do shouldn’t be mean spirited and let the Mets have their moment because it was hard earned, I mean after all it’s NY. Mets fans can be dicks too just as much as they complain about Yankee fans being dicks (which we can be at times, no doubt) That’s sports fanaticism I guess. Now that I know the article is based in jest and sarcasm I get it. Totally. Peace dude…LGM!!!! #DiehardYankeefanbutILiketheMetstoo

  • Ryan D says:

    This is great. Yankee fans rooting for the Mets is weird. It’s nice I guess, it just feel weird.

  • Aries says:

    The problem is, we Yankee fans, are used to enjoying baseball in the Fall. If I have the opportunity to “root for the home team”, and have to “settle” for the Mets then, that’s what I do. Embrace the love from the majority of NYC and don’t be a dick about it.

  • Mazon says:


  • Rich says:

    Doug Brogar?

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