Colbert Weighs in On Trump Jr’s Skittles Tweet

The late night host first tackles the obvious grammatical errors in the meme itself, before turning his focus to the stats. Colbert references the Cato Institute’s recent study which found that chance of being killed by a terrorist attack perpetrated by a refugee is 1 in 3.64 billion. 

So, a bit different then three in a single bowl.  As Colbert points out it’s more like, “three poisonous Skittles in one and a half Olympic-size swimming pools.”  He continues by diving into the origin of the meme itself, which originally used M&Ms, but, “of course the Trump family prefers Skittles, because there are no brown ones.”

He caps the whole thing off with a poignant message to Donald Trump Jr. in the vernacular Jr. prefers.

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