Ben Carson on Trump’s Accusers Sexual Assault Claims, “It Doesn’t Matter.”

The man who has continually proven that brain surgery is maybe not that difficult is at it again.

Dr.Ben Carson, former GOP primary candidate, current Trump surrogate and consistent chucklehead, went on Morning Joe this morning to speak about the man himself.  Since this particular interview involved words, Carson struggled a bit.

He not only called for Katty Kay’s mic to be turned off when she pressed him on Trump’s sexual assault allegations, he then said the validity of the sexual assault claims “doesn’t matter.”  His argument was basically, we have bigger problems than our potential next president being guilty of sexual assault, the “train is going off the cliff.”  He spends a bit too much time diving into the train metaphor—with help from Joe Scarborough—and then just meanders around contradicting himself. 

It was a vintage Carson performance.  And I mean that in the worst way.

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