Behold David Bowie’s “★”

Bless this man.  Bless his truly idiosyncratic heart and brain to the stars and back.  “★” is 10 minutes of beautiful insanity. 

“★” which is pronounced “Blackstar” is the throughly jazzed out, psychedelic title track from Bowie’s upcoming album which drops on Jan. 8th.  The Johan Renck directed accompanying short film works well with the eerie soundscape provided by the former (or current?) Goblin King.  Enjoy the bejeweled astronaut skull, the women with tails, the seriously bulbous candle, the curiously shaking men, and revel in Bowie’s entrancing attic dancing.

“★” is four heaping table spoons of creepy – and we should be grateful for every morsel of it.

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